Welcome UCF356 second robbrickstore’s blog chronicle

Welcome UCF356 second robbrickstore’s blog chronicle


My name is UCF356 and I have been a Lego addict for several years. Despite being well over 50, I’m a big fan of little plastic bricks.

A little over 10 years ago, Santa Claus gave my son a Lego Star Wars set (Anakin Starfighter) and I helped him build it.

Since then, I have continued to focus primarily on Lego Star Wars. Very quickly the display of Lego on shelves evolved into the construction of Dio.

If my Dio are largely oriented towards Star Wars I never fail to include small personal touches. These touches can be a touch of humor, clues to find, but also a mixture of universes (Lord of the Rings, Friends….). The main interest of Lego remains in the possibility they offer to create almost anything you want and in my Dio I try as much as possible to use the different versions of the official sets to present the evolution of the range while incorporating them into the scene.
In my Dio “Transition to the Empire”, I had imagined on about 8m2, the submission of the clones to the Emperor and Darth Vader. Which was a bit like a transition between episodes 2 and 4.
As the time spent building, assembling, destroying, passes…

Stay tuned for his first chronicle on June, 8th 2022