Welcome Paul first robbrickstore’s blog chronicle

Welcome Paul first robbrickstore’s blog chronicle

Hello my name is Paul. I’m 50 years old and live in the middle of Germany, about 60 km north of Frankfurt am Main. As a child, I loved playing with LEGO. My favorite theme was Space and Town.  Known today as Classic Space and City. In 2006 our son was born and with him LEGO came back into my life.  For Christmas 2015, my wife gave me the LEGO VW T1 Camper.  This was the beginning of my AFOL life.

Today I have a LEGO city on about 2m x 3m in the basement.  I build on this regularly.  My office is also filled with LEGO Technic sets, Creator Expert cars and other LEGO sets.  The sets from my childhood are also set up again in my office.

LEGO has now infected the whole family.  My son continues to be a huge LEGO Star Wars fan and my wife builds LEGO Harry Potter and Winter Village sets.
Stay tuned for his first chronicle on May, 18 2022 đź›°đź›°đź›°