The Mandalorian Fighter 75316 by Lego

The Mandalorian Fighter 75316 by Lego

Tackling a Mandalore set review is a challenge for me because while I’ve never been a fan of Boba or The Mandalorian series, I love how this world has been portrayed in Clone Wars and Rebels.

It is indeed a world where equality between men and women seems to be real, which is not always the case in warlike regimes.

When the 75316 Mandalorian Starfighter set was released I rushed to it because I wanted to compare it to the 9525 Pre Vizla Mandalorian fighter set because even if it is not explicitly said we are still in a reissue.

This set consists of 535 pieces and 3 figures. It is a medium-sized set that is very easy to assemble. If like me you like Star Wars for ships, you are spoiled because the construction of these large removable wings gives it a nice span. We thus arrive very quickly at a vessel of good size despite its small number of parts.

Like its predecessor, the main body of the set rotates on itself and between this rotation and the 2 large wings which are used to land, we very quickly obtain an object of great playability.

What I would blame him for would be more the blocking of the rotation of the wings. So once on the ground it exposes the underside of the wings which is less pretty than the top and it’s a bit of a shame.

The 3 figurines delivered with the set are splendid.

Conclusion: It is a set, certainly, very satisfactory intermediate. Its maneuverability and playability are a big asset because both children and adults can take advantage of the deployment of the large wings on the ground and in flight it looks like a bird of prey. The figurines are magnificent, collectors will tear them off, especially that of Bo Katan (my favorite).

Personally this set will join the great Mandalorian assembly without any shame. It easily replaces the previous version, both in ter.


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