The Lego 75311 “Imperial Armored Marauder”

The Lego 75311 “Imperial Armored Marauder”

The lego 75311 “Imperial Armored Marauder” is a small Lego of 456 pieces. It is a vehicle accompanied by 4 exclusive figurines, one of which uses a small mortar. Regarding the 2 stormtroopers, the exclusivity is in the heads and it will therefore be necessary to remove the helmets to expose their particularity. With helmets it is the same. On the other hand, the gunner, with his yellow breastplate, pleases me a lot.

It is a very compact lego which at first glance seems very, even too massive. All dressed in gray, this shell corresponds well to the image that one can have of an armored urban patrol vehicle in an unsecured area.

Heavily armed, 2 projectile launchers at the front, 2 on the roof fixed on a turntable and 2 side cannons made from lightsaber handles, it imposes a little more than the set 75152 (Imperial Assault Hovertank) even if it is smaller.

If it is certainly massive, it is nonetheless very playable. There are 10 hatches, just about all the bodywork can be manipulated. The front door and the 2 side doors are in 2 blocks.
Personally, the front and rear hatches are my favorite. They are heavy and respect the idea that I have of this type of protection on such a vehicle. The absence of wheels is compensated by reinforcement parts which give a suspension effect.

In conclusion, it is a very interesting set. It is to be used more in a dio than to be displayed on a shelf. On a shelf, its raw aspect of gray shielding will surely not make an impression, on the other hand in an urban type dio it will have a place of choice. I thought about this set a lot when I rewatched Ridley Scott’s Black Hawk Down.

Figure collectors will have 4 unique pieces, kids will have a sturdy toy and for everyone it will be a piece that will age well thanks to its playability, gray colors and lack of sticker.


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