Star Wars Lego Republic Fighter Tank 2022 Set 75342

Star Wars Lego Republic Fighter Tank 2022 Set 75342

Star Wars lego Republic Fighter Tank 2022 Set 75342.

What a joy to see that Lego continues to offer sets concerning The Clone Wars. It’s really my favorite period because it’s when there are the biggest battles.

This time it’s the 3rd version of the Republic fighter tank. I don’t really understand why there was a need to release a new version of this set because it’s not emblematic, but let’s not spoil our pleasure of having something to play killing droids.

It is a small set of 237 pieces, but comes with 6 figures, 4 of which are exclusive.

If the 2 Battle droids are the ones you see everywhere, you have to look at the 3 clones of the 187th and Mace Windu. The clones (1 commander and 2 identical soldiers) are very well worked. The designers applied themselves to creating these pieces with a special mention for the helmets. Mace Windu is more classic but we still have the arms and legs printed which changes us from the beige outfit that serves as the standard for the Jedi.

For a total of 40€ we can already say that it will appeal to collectors of minifigures.

In conclusion I would say that it is a set which is certainly not up to the first version of 2008 but which has real advantages and some disadvantages. The miniatures are really the main asset of this set. I think it will be complicated to make a battalion of the 187th because collectors will tear them off. The size of the tank will allow players to build great battles because it will complement all clone armies. On the other hand, there are far too many stickers (which I no longer put) and its design is too coarse to be a collector’s item.
In order to give a little more life to this tank, I had fun putting it in a situation in an Ashoka, Mace Windu, Anakin encounter and I find that it holds its rank correctly against clones or small ships ( set 8019 from 2009 and set 75314 from 2021) .