Imperial Star Destroyer™ 75252

Imperial Star Destroyer™ 75252

The Devastator: an icon of the Galactic Empire to build and display. With over 4700 LEGO® pieces, this 75252 Imperial Star Destroyer Ultimate Collector Series model captures all the authentic details of the starship as seen in the opening scene of the Star Wars: A New Hope movie. Features include swiveling guns, tilting radar, huge engine exhausts and a finely detailed surface. The set also includes a scaled version of the Tantive IV, the Rebels’ ship to hunt down. This Galactic Civil War UCS model comes complete with nameplate display and 2 Imperial minifigures, making it an ideal collector’s item for the most discerning LEGO Star Wars fan.

Includes Imperial Officer and Imperial Crew member minifigures.

This Imperial Star Destroyer model, the Devastator, features swiveling cannons, tilting radar, huge engine exhausts and a finely detailed surface.

Also includes a scale version of the Tantive IV ship, to add to the authenticity of this scene inspired by the movie Star Wars: A New Hope.

A display with a descriptive plaque highlights this magnificent exhibit.

Weapons include 2 blaster pistols.

This Ultimate Collector Series model has 4784 pieces.

To relive unforgettable moments from the movie Sar Wars: A New Hope.

An ideal LEGO® Star Wars™ collectible for fans of the Star Wars saga.

UCS model on display measures over 17” (44cm) high, 43” (110cm) long and 26” (66cm) wide; it stands over 37cm high without its display.

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Jessica Moore


28 x 21 x 16cm